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At the heart of Nefela Bags lies the eagerness to experiment and the craftsmanship of Vladislav Georgiev. He is an autodidact and with the name Nefela Bags he refers to his father's birthplace. He too taught himself how to sew leather bags in the 70ies.


Before coming upon working with leather rather accidentally, Vladislav studies interior design and worked in the profession for two years. During those years he built his visual thinking, sense for material properties and manual dexterity. 


Sahra Aboudarar is responsible for organisational aspects at Nefela Bags. 

Together they make collective decisions about the goals and the strategy of the undertaking. 

Functionality, coolness, individuality and  sustainability - these qualities of the bags are most important to them. 

In future Nefela Bags is going to opt for ecologically manufactured materials.